Teaching possibilities in New Zealand

Kia ora and greetings,
It has been a long time since I have been on this sight, so my apologies.
Many of you found me on our new website http://www.maorihealers.com/ so thank you. It has been my intention to put that information on to this page, and now I am.
Anyway, for those who have been contacting me about teaching this healing art, I am looking at doing a 2 week class at home in New Zealand in the new year. Likely our summer, autumn time, which is February, March, April.
So I want to find out how much interest there would be in holding such an event. There will be other instructors and different types of classes, travel to some of our sacred sites as well living Marae (tribally) style.
If this is of interest to you, please contact me through the http://www.maorihealers.com/ website and let me know you found this info here.
Many blessings in your walk on this earth this day.


A new website and lots of information

Kia ora and greetings,
Sorry I have been of the blog pages so much. Work, time and energy are being directed elsewhere. Still it’s all good.
Just so you know, I now have a new website. Go to http://www.maorihealers.com/ and have a look around that. If you have any comments then let me know. If you have any questions then let me know.
Have a great day. Many blessings Atarangi.

Idle thoughts on romiromi and mirimiri

Romiromi and mirimiri are not an experience of pampering or relaxation.
It is deep tissue and energy, bodywork and has the following benefits:
– stimulates the blood and circulation
– regulates the nervous system
– speeds recovery of scar tissue or loosening tight scar tissue
– improves physical, mental, emotional, spiritual performance
– can relieve chronic pain
– maintains wellness
– is a preventative measure for self healthcare
– mind body spirit
hinengaro tinana wairua

Concepts to understand:
Ki – Energy / Ri – Energize / Romi – Agitate / Ha – Breath / Haka – cathartic use of (self) energy to stimulate and heighten the self.

For people, the digestive tract, extracts the energy from the food. The lungs get it from the air. When these 2 unite in the toto / bloodstream they form a mauri (life force) or energy, that circulates within and without the body.

Drunvalo and Ojasvin Kingi Davis


A beautiful photo of Drunvalo and Ojasvin Kingi Davis. Taken after the completion of one of the ceremonies at the mouth of the harbour at Waimamaku.

Drunvalo’s group visit – Aotearoa


A leader is created….this is in the dinning room at Waimamaku Marae in the Hokianga.
Beautiful place, quiet and gentle. Surrounded by bush and the sea is down the road a bit.

Drunavalo’s group visit


Drunvalo’s group visits Aotearoa – NZ

Ruth Makuini, Atarangi and Diana

Here you see Ruth Makuini, Atarangi and Diana entertaining and being entertained as we waited for food to magically appear.
Many times, I heard people from this group comment on how spontaneous, happy and open the people of this land are. And it’s true most of the time – for some they will get up at the drop of a hat. No shrinking violets allowed!
And its fun. I love a happy body, atmosphere and people.